Our Process

With over 140 years combined experience the Cutters and Tailors at Brenton & Co have dressed the great, the excellent, and the little known. Through our doors walk generations of talented craftsmen and women, who’ve formed long lasting relationships with all that have come to love the process of what we do and who we are. Our commitment to creating handmade bespoke garments without compromise has created a reputation of steadfast excellence . 

The material life

It all starts with a conversations, and where better to start than fabric. Conversations about fabrics, linings and other details can be as wide-ranging or as simple as you like, in fact at any given time we carry over 6200+ high-end fabrics and 800+ linings. No matter the preference our clients are made certain of their choices by the quality of our materials and the continued, uncompromising nature of our selections. In fact, Brenton & Co has partnered with the top fabric mills from England, Italy, and France to provide only the best quality fabrics for all of our garments.

A different level of bespoke

Bespoke has come to mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people, but for us it means a true handmade garment, bespoken for one individual, and handcrafted in house by true master tailors and cutters.  When developing Brenton & Co, we refused to accept any mediocrity in our garments. This decision has led us to provide a true basted fitting for every jacket or suit, unlimited alterations within the first year of purchase, and lastly a promise to never provide any garment below our highest of standards. As all of our garments are truly handmade on location in Yorkville Village, Toronto, the level of customization we provide is limitless. Many of our clients enjoy making their garments uniquely suited to their lifestyle, with hidden pockets for a cigar, phone, a tablet, or other personal items unique to their personal preferences.

an interest in quality

A beautifully tailored garment takes time. We take that time to get to know you, your physique, your life, your preferences and your tastes.  We take the time to ensure a proper handmade bespoke experience, that always exceeds our clients expectations. Lastly, through 120 hours of handcrafting, over 4 to 6 weeks, our tailors and cutters take the time to provide your idea of perfection, through our craft, the art of tailoring.  Additionally, all of the current Lead Tailors, Cutter, and Finishers at Brenton & Co are 2nd or 3rd generation master craftsman. Together they represent over 140 years of handmade and bespoke tailoring experience. 

Why Handmade matters

To the team at Brenton & Co, a handmade bespoke garment is more than just a suit, jacket, pants, or any other garment. It is a symbol of our craft, and a representation of our art. Every garment created at Brenton & Co is a unique one of one item handcrafted specifically for the individual that commissioned it. Handmade garments not only provide a more aesthetically pleasing look, they function better, last longer, and are easier to care for. Fit, Comfort, and Quality.

a Small selection of our fabric partners